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"D-dad." I muttered, walking in the room. I'm sure it was hardly audible, but my presents was enough to gain my father's attention. I didn't know what I was doing there. I just needed to come for the sake of both my friends and my own sanity. I had snuck out of Asaph's home when everyone seemed to off doing their own thing. I had managed to drive my jeep all the way to the shady side of town where my father had come to reside.

Why did he have to come to town? Things were going along just fine before he came. I was happy, or at least as close to it as I had ever known. Then the past had to come in like a bull barreling though a china shoppe. It makes me feel even more childish and dumber than usual knowing how poorly I took seeing him, causing more drama and fights then I care to think of.

I must have been staring at the floor for an awfully long time lost in my thoughts, how long I don't know, but when I was able to pull my head up to the man that was a near mirror image of myself, he was standing at his desk, mouth agape.

He looked at me for a moment that felt like forever just like that. All of my instincts told me to run at that moment, but it would do no good. I'd be left in the same place I was before I came, My father managed to pull himself together a bit more and wipe the look of shock of his face enough to mumble, "Sebestyén, drágaságom.." holding his hand to his heart out of surprise or what I didn't know. The words spoken were my name and something else.

The man knows full well I never learned his language. Never wanted to. My mother and grandmother taught me theirs as I learned English and when I went to live with my father after both of them passed there wasn't enough communication between us for me to even pick it up. "Yes, Patrick?" I replied quite bitterly, bitterly enough to taste it in my mouth.

He bit his lip and looked down. It was something I'd picked up from him, biting my lip when I'm hurt or upset. Frankly, I don't believe I'd given him much cause to be either. This was without a doubt the longest I've ever managed to stay civil with him since I was sixteen. "Sebastian." he said again in a far more American accent. "What are you doing here?"

"I could--" I paused. The words simply stopped coming out. I could feel them tingling on my tongue and yet I couldn't utter them. I stared hard at the floor. "D-do you have any job openings?" I ask with a smile as plastic as his office furniture. That was foolish. I didn't want a job working here, but it was something to say.

He looked surprised. "A job? A job stripping here?" He knew I've done it before. It really wasn't that big of a shock. "If you need money..." he trailed off, getting up and going over to a safe that he started opening.

"No... I. Well, yes. I'm broke, but shit. That's not what I mean. I.. fuck." I muttered and took a minute as he took a stack of cash out of his safe and came and sat back down at his desk. "No." I said mustering up a bit more strength with my words. "I didn't come here for this. That was dumb of me to.. say. Why are you here, father? Why did you come here? Did you know I was here?"

"Yes..." he began, brow furrowed. I could have punched him right there, but I squeezed the wound in my palm hard enough to bring tears to my eyes until the need to passed. "I just wanted to see you, Sebastian." He rubbed his face, probably shocked that I hadn't tried anything yet. "To apologize."

"Apologize?" I was taken aback, needless to say. My eyes were as wide as they could be.

He cleared his throat, looking down at his desk. "Yes, I'm sorry for everything. I'm sorry that I didn't pay enough attention to realize..." He trailed off and rubbed the back of his neck uncomfortable. "I'm sorry you couldn't come to me. I'm sorry that I ruined your life. You.. could have done so much.. if not for me. I was too lost in my own problems to have been the father I should have for you."

"You.." I whispered as a few tears escaped my eyes. I quickly wiped them away. He was sorry? I don't know if I could believe it, but he wasn't one to lie. I took a few steps back, not wanting to be in the room any longer. I'd already be processing what had occurred for a long time to come.

"You said you were broke. Take this." he said firmly, holding up a stack of cash. "It's the very least I can do. I.. heard you were sober.. but still. Please don't spend it on drugs." He looked sincere to me. Entirely sincere.

I stepped back farther only to have him get up from his desk and walk to me. "No." I shook my head like a stubborn child.

"Sebestyén," he spoke in a demanding tone, taking my hand from my side and placing the money in it. "Just take it, son. I'm." he paused. "..around if you need me."

I shook my head even more vigorously though I kept the money in my hand and backed away until I reached the door. I didn't understand anything that happened. I suppose my slow mind simply couldn't process such a turn of events. I took off down the hall and out of the building. I needed to get away from this place quickly.
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Here's this terrible jem.. ><

Before he could even sense my presence, I was in the closet packing away my clothing, a difficult task considering in was almost entirely consisting of complex, not to mention bulky, Lolita garb. I went about my work silently as he yelled to me.

"Gabby! Gabby, love, I'm sorry. This is a mistake!" His voice fell on def ears. For the bloody gods of chaos's sake, he was still in the bed with that slut, a sexy slut, but one none the less. What happened, did he fall into her repeatedly? I suppose so.

Oh, look. The slut's leaving, scampering off in terror. My reputation precedes me. Generally, I will admit, I'd have lost my cool, killing both of them or something to that affect, but that just was too conventional. That's what I, a woman, is expected to do in that situation. I'd never been much for sticking to roles, plus losing my head wouldn't show class. To act in anger is completely foolish. As Augustine rushed in, still unclothed, he continued to beg and apologize until I cut him off, his genitalia that is, no. Not really. I merely interrupted him. "Augustine, honestly I am shocked how long this camaraderie has managed to go on. I should be congratulating you, my dear. Love cannot last an eternity and to believe in such things is unrealistic. I shall leave you be to do as you wish." Poor him. Augustine's handsome face looked like my words were breaking his heart, but he failed to realize I felt far worse than he. I could cry, but that just isn't my style, not in public anyway. "Simply make sure to clean the sheets when you are finished," with that I through my large duffle bag over my shoulder and walked off, head held high in true Rococo style, leaving my husband standing in awe.

The soul question echoing in my head was "what then?" I doubt that my son would want me, though that never has stopped me before and seeing that I only had a few hours until nightfall I had a need to find some place to stay. Though, the thought of a loli asleep on the side of the road was a truly comical one.

As I took the routes required to leave my city of the damned, my mind wandered. I could go back to how I lived before Augustine. He would soon abandoned my home and return to his land of fallen angels. Fortunately, my thoughts were interrupted by another's smooth, but dangerous voice, "Gabriel, what happened, my dear?"

Alexander did not sound a hint drunk, surprising as that is. My dyed-blonde haired step-brother was out of his general wears and in jeans and a tee. He must have been trying to avoid someone, for there was no other reason for him to be out of drag.

"I had just arrived home after a brief absence to find my husband and his secretary in my, and I am referring to my own, bed doing the nasty. Therefor I find myself going to my son's humble abode for a spell." He could have at least done it at his house, though undoubtedly he had many times before, to be sure. The lad must not have been thinking and slipped, not expecting me to be home so soon. And though my dear brother had an evil look on his face, I did not care. Fearing for Augustine's safety was a thing of the past. Alexander was capable of horrible deeds and I had a notion that he was going to do one of those horrible things to Augustine.

"I see." he pursed his lips, looking quite peeved. Peeved was an understatement. For being the lusus naturae that he was, Alexander really did care about me, I acknowledged the fact and abused this. "Perhaps I shall.... chastise him for his crime?" the spoken thought came from his lips like the purr of a great cat thinking about it's next victim.

I shrugged nonchalantly, "As far as I can tell there would be no wrong to partake in castigating the adulterer." This was too delicious. Alexander wasn't below nearly anything, rape and torture included. In fact, I ascertained a hint of glee in the thought, as horrifying as that sounds. Fun as it was to play with such ideas, I really had to be going on.

"Alright then, Gabriel. You be okay." he muttered soothingly, giving me an unreturned hug before turning to go. "I'll see you when I see you." I could hear him skip off cheerily, imagining all the screams that were bound to fill the night air in a time not distant from now.

"Likewise!" I called after him before heading on my own way leaving the boundaries of the alternate reality I called my home. Within moments the mist that was surrounding me disappeared and I was outside the small port town my son and his bitc-.... husband inhabited. Somehow I knew he would not be thrilled. I had made sure of that by causing him to hate me. It is better that he hate me than to love a creature as wrenched as myself.

Walking through town I ignored all of the strange looks I was given, refusing to lurk in the shadows, a task I am fully capable of. I am a immortal and a necromancer, there is nothing this small place can offer, save perhaps the two resident I was going to meet.

As I came across the nicely sized, white beach house, I approached it and knocked on the door. To say I was not a little anxious would be a lie. They could easily turn me out and I wouldn't have any room to say otherwise. As the door swung open I gave my best innocent look, it was quite good, I must say. A thousand years of practicing does pay off, indeed.

By some stroke of luck my son's blonde haired, blue eyed lover answered the door rather than Jack himself. As he noticed who it was, his eyes softened in recognition. "Hello, Gabriel. What brings you here?" Kin smiled, friendliness oozing from every pore. It was a bit unnerving, but I knew it was genuine. For some reason he had found a soft spot for me, a positive thing at this exact moment, on my behalf anyway

"Augustine and I have split up. I was wondering if you would be so kind as to allow me to take residents in your abode for a spell." Though there was not a hint of sadness about my persons, Kin's expression became tinged with concern for me. Frankly, I would have expected that he'd have went straight out and accused me of doing something. I suppose I am wrong to assume such things, that is more of a thing my son would do anyway, not that I'd blame him at all.

"What happened?" he asked, hesitantly putting an arm around my shoulder, taking me into his home. The hesitation was a cause of his unsureness of me. At least he wasn't a fool. I don't like being touched. It has simply always made me want to gouge out the eyes of the person doing so.

Searching for the proper words, my eyes wandered down to staring at my feet. I was wearing nice shoes today, but they needed to be polished. Oh, yes. I had to reply now. "I had taken a leave of absence recently. Upon my returning, I found Augustine in my bed doing the nasty with his secretary. Needless to say I left abruptly after. Henceforth I have made my way here."

Kin took me to the living room couch where I sat, not particularly wanting to. Chances are Jack and Kin had had sex on every surface of this place repeatedly. Fortunately, I have been endowed with the inability to picture anything in my mind, otherwise I would have found myself gouging out my own eyes rather than another's.

Being pulled away from my thoughts, I heard Kin call for Jack. I watched as my son, a muscular man who possessed the same color eyes and raven hair as I possess entered the room, smoking a cigarette as usual. He did not look happy to see me and his expression did not change as Kin told him what had happened. "Why do ya let her fucking manipulate you? She was lying to ya, babe! Shoulda kicked her the fuck out on the spot!" Oh, my. I had most defiantly never taught him to speak so crudely. What horrible english.. His articulating abilities had diminished so since he was a child. "Even if she was tellin' the truth that Dad left er'..." he continued. "She was most likely the one who did whatever it was that pissed him off, not the other way around."

"Untrue." I stood to my feet, addressing him, though he had behaved as though I was not even in the room. As I glided across the room, approaching him, he staggered back like an animal that had been beaten too frequently. I suppose it is a fact that I corrupt anyone I love. Jack is a prime example. I do love him more so than any other member of my family and he hates me more than any member. 'Tis what comes to pass after what I've done. "I found him in bed with his secretary after a leave of absence. I left soon after this discovery, not mad, but solely indifferent. To cheat on me was his choice. I just needed a place to stay. I can pay you." I added the last sentence in hopes that it would entice him if not to woo sympathy from Kin with me more, though I was positive that the blonde would most defiantly be in the disfavor of my son for so much as letting me into the place.

"We don't need no money." Jack spat, again showing that he had the need to brush up on his grammar, amongst other things. Lighting another cigarette, he scowled at the idea of what his lover had done. Frankly, I thought that he aught to let up on the boy. He was a sensitive one after all.

"Well then I'll sew you a new outfit. Lords know you need it." It couldn't be denied, there was no better seamstress than I in the region. Years upon years of practice had made this to be so. "In fact, I believe you are actually wearing the garments I made you for a wedding present, are you not?"

I nearly wanted to grin as I saw a blush come over Jack's face. Sadly, I would never smile so the spirit was lost on me. The reason this was so was a tedious and dreary explanation, I should not wish to waste time on it. "Fine, fuck it. Come on Kin. You owe me something." he hissed as he took his spouse by the wrist forceful enough to cause the boy to yelp in pain and proceeded to drag him off to a far end of the house.

I tapped the toes of my shiny, thick-soled shoes together as I heard a door slam and a few bangs. I wasn't worried for those two did love each other. Really, Kin was the only person Jack wasn't a total misbegot to constantly. That really is saying something, anyone who knew him could tell this.
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I've been working on them all day!


Mar. 11th, 2011 07:56 pm
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Nothing new to report. My boyfriend gave me $200 for dollie stuff so I ordered a bunch of clothing for my dolls. Conrad's going to have a new outfit and Letty is going to have a new corset dress.

Here's some Sebby spam.

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Winter break starts tomorrow so I should really be able to get started on this outfit.

Here's a little Letty spam for today.

Now I'm off to class... sadly...
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I don't have a scanner to scan in my design, but I do have the first part of the costume started.. The Top Hat.
I've still got to embellish it somehow, but here's the basic hat.

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After, well, very little thinking really... I have decided what it is I am to do with this lovely little blog of mine. It shall be, I, Mirrin's BJD sewing blog. That being said, I have already figured out my first task: creating my RS Rong that goes by the the name of Letty a new circus themed outfit.

Here's my lovely volunteer.. Letty:




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